Reviews of Alyssa Whatley, Atlanta Tax Attorney

If you’ve received a letter in the mail from the IRS, Alyssa Maloof Whatley can help.

As a professional Atlanta tax attorney, she’s worked with hundreds of clients to resolve the most challenging tax issues and reduce or eliminate large IRS bills, fines and penalties.

Curious as to what that looks like in real life?

Here are three real clients with seemingly-insurmountable tax issues that Alyssa helped solve.

We Reduced Tara’s Tax Liability By 50%

When our Atlanta client Tara received a notice from the IRS that she was being audited for her past two years of taxes, it was one of her worst fears come true.

“I broke out in a cold sweat,” Tara says.

Tara was a small business owner who did her taxes herself using the free online version of TurboTax. Alyssa quickly determined that she’d listed her deductions on the wrong schedule and included some things that weren’t deductible.

This caused the IRS to deny all her deductions for the past two years.

Alyssa assembled meticulous documentation, and connected Tara with a CPA who revised her tax returns so everything was listed under the proper schedule.

Even so, the IRS agent denied a large amount of Tara’s deductions.

So Alyssa filed an appeal, and met personally with the IRS agent. She brought a sample of Tara’s product with her and demonstrated why each deduction was necessary.

In the end, Tara got her tax liability reduced by 50% in the appeal and significant reductions in her interest and penalties.

“I don’t feel like I could have gotten to where I am now without Alyssa,” Tara says. “I’m very happy with the results and would recommend her 200%.”
A $300,000 Tax Bill Reduced By 90%

For over ten years, Hyun-mi and her husband ran a beauty supply store together. He was in charge of financials and when he passed away, Hyun-mi and her daughter Seo-yoon were left with some big challenges.

The store had few assets after several years of declining sales, and it owed more money than it made.

Hyun-mi and Seo-yoon were only beginning to realize the extent of the financial issues when they got a notice in the mail from the Georgia Department of Revenue: they owed over $300,000 in sales taxes.

Realizing how limited the store’s assets were and that the Georgia Department of Revenue wasn’t targeting Hyun-mi’s personal finances, Alyssa filed an Offer in Compromise.

The process took only one day and the tax bill was reduced by 90%.

“We would advise anyone in the same situation to work with Alyssa,” Seo-yoon says. “She will work very hard and quickly to resolve your tax problems. We highly recommend her.”

We made Jeff’s Surprise Tax Bill Go Away

Jeff was a silent partner in his friend’s high-end sports bar. He received financial statements in the mail, but was very hands-off his friend handled the day-to-day operations.

Then one day he checked his mail and found a $300,000 tax bill from the IRS.

It turned out that his friend had been making up all those financial statements he’d been sending in the mail.

But the IRS believed Jeff was responsible, as he was the main investor in the business.

Alyssa discovered that Jeff’s original agreement said he had no financial control over the company. “If you can’t write a check for the company, it’s hard to hold you responsible,” Jeff says.

But Alyssa didn’t guarantee the process would be easy. She estimated it could take from six months to a year to come to an agreement with the IRS. That’s why Jeff was surprised when Alyssa called him back just two months later.

She’d gotten the entire $300,000 amount forgiven.

“If you’re facing a serious legal issue that could potentially lead to jail time, you don’t want someone who will sugarcoat,” Jeff says. “You want someone who will tell you the truth and work as hard as they possibly can on your behalf. I couldn’t imagine hiring anyone else.” 

An Atlanta Tax Attorney That Can Help You

An experienced Atlanta tax attorney can help you emerge from an audit with your financial life intact.

Call Alyssa now to schedule your free and confidential consultation. The number is (404) 551-5838.


Alyssa Maloof Whaltey

My goal is to make the tax resolution process as easy and stress free as possible so you can get back to focusing on the things that bring you joy.


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