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Intimidated by the IRS? You’re not alone…and you also don’t have to face them alone.

Get the representation and resolution you need in tax court.

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“Tax Court is one of the best forums to resolve a tax dispute because the Taxpayer has the right to challenge the federal government without paying the amount due first.”

- Alyssa Maloof Whatley

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What do I need to know about IRS letters?

The majority of those dreaded IRS letters are generated by computers using calculations based on “average” taxpayers and “typical” businesses or underreporter notices due to you leaving something off your return that was reported by a third-party.

That means that it’s entirely possible that your not so average return is actually accurate. Or that your not so typical business deductions are totally above board and legitimate to your business. Or lastly, that even though you accidentally left something off your return, that you have information the IRS needs to determine the correct amount of tax.

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How can tax court help me?

Tax court isn’t like other courts, but used correctly, the findings in tax court can be a real advantage to you or your business. The right tax attorney with the right experience can use sections of the tax code to get a ruling in your favor.

If you want to prevail, unless you happen to be an expert tax attorney in your own right, you need a tax court expert on your side.

“A lof of taxpayers think that tax law is black and white, when in fact tax law is comprised of statutes, regulations, and case law. Often times a case is won or lost based on how each taxpayer's facts and circumstances are applied to the law.”

- Alyssa Maloof Whatley