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Alyssa Maloof Whatley serves individuals and businesses seeking IRS tax, Georgia tax, and debt relief. We provide our clients customized options to reach their financial goals and avoid unfortunate consequences of debt such as IRS bank and wage levies, judgment creditor bank and wage levies, seizures, foreclosures, and repossessions.

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  • Tax, IRS & State Tax

    The IRS and State Tax Authorities give taxpayers many opportunities to dispute additional assessments and/or set up relief for balances owed. Our firm specializes in all phases of federal and state tax controversy work to get you the relief you need before it is too late.

  • Audit Defense

    If you have received a tax audit notice, you do not need to deal directly with the IRS. Don’t let the IRS Examiners force you into a settlement that is unfavorable. Let our firm represent you, reducing your stress and providing assistance in negotiating a positive resolution in your case.

  • Offers In Compromise / Tax Relief

    An Offer in Compromise (OIC) is an agreement between you and the IRS and can save you thousands of dollars in tax relief. Our firm will work with the IRS in an effort to reduce your debt to less than the full amount.

  • Currently Non-Collectible Status

    If your financial situation is one where you have no income left after your bills, our firm can negotiate with the IRS on your behalf for a Currently Not Collectible (CNC) status as a form of debt relief.

  • Trust Fund Recovery Defense

    If employment taxes are not paid, the IRS can assess a penalty against those who have the responsibility of collecting and paying over trust fund taxes to the government and willfully evade or attempt to evade payment. Our firm will work to limit your TFRP liability during an IRS investigation and seek to prevent a TFRP assessment.

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What Our Clients Say

Amazing Tax Attorney

“When I received a letter from the IRS that my Tax Return from 3 years earlier was being audited, attorney Alyssa Whatley was a lifesaver! She broke it down for me into plain English, poured through my documents (a complicated combination of owning my own business and personal) and put together an extremely thorough binder to respond to the questions raised by the IRS. I am so relieved to have received a letter from the IRS this week that they did not make any changes to the tax reported on my original return. I highly recommend working with Alyssa Whatley. She knows tax inside and out and really goes the extra mile for her clients.”  —Kim

Great Negotiator

“Alyssa is very thorough with handing my case from the start, she walked me through every step and explained it to me very clearly. She’s also a great negotiator and knowledgeable on the issues that I face. I’m truly satisfied with her work and thankful that I had the pleasure to meet and work with her.”  —Wayne

Excellent Attorney

“Alyssa is an excellent attorney with a great deal of knowledge and experience in tax and bankruptcy law. She really cares about her clients, works extremely hard for them and knows how to get results. I highly recommend her for anyone who needs tax and/or bankruptcy counsel.”  —Will

Excellence & Integrity

“Alyssa Whatley helped us with a major tax issue that seemed impossible and she seemed to do it with ease. She helped us through a very difficult and hard time. Alyssa’s work ethics and performance set a very high standard that we value. She works with strong intention and honesty. She represented us so well and gave us honest answers. She was careful and this made us know that she is trustworthy. We knew that she really wanted to help us and that is her heart for why she does what she does. Alyssa has an endearing confidence that gave us assurance and a calm knowing that she is very knowledgeable and good at what she does! Alyssa always responded promptly to us and kept us very informed. She is definitely at the top of her game in her field! Thankful to have had her representing us!”  —Lindy

Top Notch Attorney

“I run a CPA firm and Alyssa has helped my clients that have IRS issues. Her expertise ends up giving the clients more favorable tax liability positions than they had before. She is enjoyable to work with and communicates clearly and to the point. I have learned a lot from her due to her immense tax resolution knowledge.”  —Josh

Great Experience

“I contacted Alyssa after I was wrongfully imprisoned due to a clerical error by Fulton Co. Alyssa listened with empathy to my entire story and took all of the correct steps in handling my case. Alyssa updated me frequently on my case so that I could rest assure it was in the right hands. Alyssa was able to get my case dropped and my money returned very quickly. Mrs. Whatley came highly recommended to me and I see why Alyssa’s professionalism, experience, compassion, and positive attitude was exactly what I needed during this time of uncertainty.”  —Kaitlin

Great Negotiator

“Alyssa is very thorough with handing my case from the start, she walked me through every step and explained it to me very clearly. She’s also a great negotiator and knowledgeable on the issues that I face. I’m truly satisfied with her work and thankful that I had the pleasure to meet and work with her.”  —Wayne

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