Tax Problems

If you are facing an audit or collection issue with the Internal Revenue Service or Georgia Department of Revenue, you’re exactly where you need to be.
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Tax Audit

You have the right to representation during an audit.

Cryptocurrency Audit

Don’t face a cryptocurrency audit alone.

Back Taxes

Liabilities from having back taxes adds up fast.


Gotten the dreaded IRS collection letter? We can help.

Wage Garnishments

Don’t let your time to respond to an IRS wage garnishment expire.

Bank Levies

The levy is the harshest IRS collection tool, and you need to act quickly.

Tax Liens

Get Help with a Tax Lien on Personal or Business Assets.

Unfiled Returns

Get back in compliance with the IRS with tax filings.

Trust Fund Penalty

Failure to remit trust funds exposes you to significant penalties.

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