Meet Alyssa

My goal is to make the tax resolution process as easy and stress free as possible so you can get back to focusing on the things that bring you joy.

“No radio ads, sales pitches, or unrealistic promises here. As a lawyer, my job is to counsel, guide, and advise. What I do promise to do is listen to your story, become your fiercest advocate, and help you resolve your tax matter while obtaining your financial goals.”

- Alyssa Maloof Whatley

Alyssa Whatley smiling with her family

I’m a small business owner and mom to two young girls.

I’m a small business owner and mom to two young girls. I know it can be stressful running a business and raising a family, especially if you’re dealing with financial uncertainty.

A tax matter is the last thing anyone wants to deal with. Rest assured, I’m here to help you through it all.

That’s why our law firm does things differently.

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Honesty and Straightforward Representation

Let’s agree to be completely honest with each other throughout the process. I’ll get the best results for you when you share the whole truth and reveal all the facts.

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Clear Communication to Educate and Empower

I’ll never just tell you what you want to hear. I want you to feel confident you're making informed, educated choices toward solving your tax problems. When you have knowledge, you have the power to avoid future tax issues down the road.

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Creative, Pragmatic Problem Solving

Every tax problem is unique so there’s no one size fits all formula for solving tax problems. Individuals and businesses have very different goals and different goals require tailored solutions.

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Leveraging Client Focused Technology

In the office, my team and I use technology to provide you with a seamless client experience. It also helps to lower overhead costs so we can provide you with affordable legal representation in even the most complex tax situation.

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Always Accessible and Approachable

I always want you to feel comfortable reaching out to me or my team anytime whether it is via text, phone, or email. Let’s get started solving your tax problems today.

A History of Helping

From my parents’ kitchen table to the counsel table, every aspect of my life has given me the insights, skills, and experience it takes to artfully craft tailored solutions for businesses, individuals, and families facing tax issues.

I’m the daughter of a credit analyst with a teacher’s heart and a mother who had a powerful entrepreneurial spirit.

From a young age, I worked in my family’s skating rink and witnessed first-hand the challenges of running a small business over more than 3 decades.

As a girl, my father taught me important financial principles. The wisdom from my dad played a key role in my desire to dedicate my professional career to helping others who are facing financial crises.

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The Law Firm of Alyssa Whatley team



After graduating from the University of Georgia, I started out as a legal receptionist for a prominent Atlanta Bankruptcy Attorney. I was quickly promoted to paralegal. To avoid taking on too much student loan debt, I worked full-time while attending Georgia State University School of Law at night.

Law School

During my third year of law school, I interned with United States Bankruptcy Judge the Honorable Margaret A. Murphy. I drafted orders for matters on the docket in complex Chapter 11litigation. During my time with Judge Murphy 5 out of 5 draft orders were published on the United States Bankruptcy Court website.

I also worked as a Graduate Research Assistant for the Philip Cook Low Income Taxpayer clinic. I helped low-income individuals with all types of IRS matters. I also helped educate and train other clinic students on how to resolve tax matters.

A New Chapter

After law school graduation, I worked as a Chapter 13 Courtroom Attorney for Berry and Associates and was named courtroom attorney for three federal courtrooms in the Atlanta Division. After my tenure at Berry and Associates, I joined Bomar Law Firm, LLC, where I represented taxpayers in all areas of tax litigation.

Leaning into my mother’s entrepreneurial spirit and knowing I’d already successfully taken on almost every role in the legal field, I was confident I had the experience to open my own law firm.

“I didn’t feel I was getting enough opportunity to help people the way I wanted to truly help people.”

- Alyssa Maloof Whatley

Meet The Team

Kiara Maxie, Tax Specialist

Kiara Maxie is the Office Manager at The Law Offices of Alyssa Maloof Whatley . She preserves the daily operations, billing and client engagement for all new, current and past clients. Kiara incorporates her love for technology and organizational skills into her management style that ensures the attorneys success to focus on their clients and case resolutions.
Kiara has a background in advocacy for Domestic Violence Victims, Office Management, Family Law and Paralegal studies.
Outside of the office Kiara enjoys spending time with family and friends, cooking, reading and discovering new hobbies.

Kiara Maxie, Office Manager