What to Do When You Receive a Tax Notice

A Death in the Family and a Surprise $300,000 Tax Bill

For over a decade, Seo-yoon’s mom, Hyun-mi, and stepdad ran a beauty supply store together. When Seo-yoon’s stepfather passed away, Seo-yoon stepped up to help Hyun-mi keep the store afloat.

But Seo-yoon’s stepdad had always handled the financials and it was only when he died that Seo-yoon and Hyun-mi understood the full picture.

“The store had very little assets because we didn’t have much sales in the last couple of years,” says Seo-yoon. “We owed more money than we made.”

Even so, not long after her husband’s death, Hyun-mi received a notice in the mail from the Georgia Department of Revenue. It said she owed over $300,000 in sales taxes.

This came as a shock.

“My mom didn’t know anything about the financial side of the store until my stepfather passed away,” says Seo-yoon. “He ran everything. There was no way we could pay the debt owed.”

Seo-yoon and Hyun-mi found Alyssa Whatley through a Google search. “From the first meeting, she calmed our nerves and eased our worries,” says Seo-yoon.

Seo-yoon and Hyun-mi were understandably concerned that Hyun-mi could lose all her savings to this tax bill. But Alyssa realized that because of the business structure of the store, the Georgia Department of Revenue wasn’t targeting Hyun-mi personally.

“Alyssa set a plan to do an Offer in Compromise, since the store had very few assets,” says Seo-yoon. “She gathered all the paperwork we had and made contact with the Georgia Department of Revenue. After talking to them, she reassured us that my mom was not personally liable.”

From there, the process was relatively easy. “It just took one day,” Seo-yoon said. “Alyssa met with us, filled out all the paperwork, and the Offer of Compromise was accepted.”

Ultimately, Alyssa got the tax bill reduced by 90%.

“We are very happy we worked with Alyssa,” Seo-yoon says. “We could not have found a better attorney to resolve our issue. From the first meeting, we could tell she was knowledgeable and well-informed. She always replied to my emails the same day, and she was very quick to resolve everything. She made sure the whole process was as smooth as possible.”

“We would advise anyone in the same situation to work with Alyssa,” Seo-yoon adds. “She will work very hard and quickly to resolve your tax problems. We highly recommend her.”

Got a Letter from the Georgia Department of Revenue in The Mail? Let’s Talk.

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Alyssa Maloof Whaltey

My goal is to make the tax resolution process as easy and stress free as possible so you can get back to focusing on the things that bring you joy.


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