What happens when you receive a massive tax bill?

Everything was Fine… Until He Got a $300,000 Tax Bill!

Jeff had been the silent partner in a high-end sports bar for about three years. He’d started the business with a friend, but the friend was the one who handled the day-to-day operations.

Every so often, Jeff received financial statements in the mail and that was the extent of his involvement.

He assumed everything was fine until he received a $300,000 tax bill from the IRS.


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“My friend hadn’t paid payroll taxes the entire time he’d been running the business,” Jeff says. “Even though the financial statements said he had been.”

It turned out all those financial statements Jeff had been getting in the mail were fabricated. And as he was the silent partner and main investor in the business, the IRS held Jeff responsible.

At first, Jeff tried to solve the problem himself, but he soon hit a wall.

He spoke to a local IRS agent, who was unable to give him much help or direction. Eventually, Jeff realized he needed expert help. A friend of his who was an accountant recommended Alyssa’s practice, and he gave us a call.

From the first, Jeff was reassured by Alyssa’s no-nonsense, realistic outlook.

“I don’t need things to be sugarcoated,” Jeff says. “She told me that this was a very serious issue, and she couldn’t guarantee she could get me out of it entirely. She said she would do her best but didn’t make false promises. I liked that she didn’t coddle me, it made me trust her more.”

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Doing What Seemed Impossible

The first thing Alyssa did was ask Jeff to bring in all the financial documents he’d received from his friend over the years. Jeff brought in the fabricated statements showing that his friend had been paying the payroll taxes.

When Jeff explained that he had had no financial control over the company, Alyssa asked him if he had that in writing. Jeff dug up the original partnership agreement which clearly stated he had no financial control.

“If you can’t write a check for the company, it’s hard to hold you responsible,” Jeff says.

Even so, Alyssa told Jeff that the process could take anywhere from six months to a year. Jeff resigned himself to having this issue hanging over his head for a long time.

But just two months later, Jeff got another call from Alyssa. She’d made the entire $300,000 tax bill go away.

“What’s especially impressive is that she did this while nine months pregnant and then dealing with a newborn,” Jeff says. “If she’s that vigilant while caring for her first newborn, I’d hate to be up against her when she doesn’t have so much going on in her personal life.”

“If you’re facing a serious legal issue that could potentially lead to jail time, you don’t want someone who will sugarcoat,” Jeff adds. “You want someone who will tell you the truth and work as hard as they possibly can on your behalf. It’s hard to quantify everything going on in Alyssa’s personal life when she took my case, and she was still extremely vigilant. I couldn’t imagine hiring anyone else.”

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