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What is an IRS Audit?

A tax audit occurs when the IRS believes that there are discrepancies in your tax return. A tax lawyer helps you fight an audit letter. Speak to one now.

What to Do When You Receive an IRS Audit Letter

If you are one of the less than one percent of people who receive an IRS audit letter, don’t panic. More than likely, your tax return was flagged because of one of these common IRS audit triggers.

How to Protect Your Business from Employee Retention Credit Scams

Discover effective strategies to safeguard your business from employee retention credit scams in this comprehensive article by our tax law experts.

Employment Tax Liability Case

Taxpayer did not have to make payments to the IRS

Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

All debts and taxes discharged

Tax Audit Reconsideration

Reduced tax from $15,123.00 to $2,385.48

Audit – Notice of Deficiency

$23,0876.80 liability reduced to Zero

Correspondence Exam

Balance adjusted from $72,523.00 to $752.00

Offer in Compromise

$97,004.00 tax liability reduced to $25.00

Employment Tax Liability Case

CEO cleared in $4.3M Trust Fund Recovery Penalty Investigation

Personal Tax Liability Case

$302,800.00 tax liability reduced to Zero

State Tax Lien Reduced & Removed

$69,067.33 Reduction & Removal of GA Tax Lien

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