What to Do When You Receive an IRS Tax Lien Letter

What to Do When You Receive an IRS Tax Lien Letter

John* knew the letters in his mailbox from the IRS didn’t contain good news. In fact, they notified him that there was a pending tax lien for $240,000 against his personal property and other assets.

Ignoring the problem wasn’t the solution. He could barely sleep at night worrying about the potential for financial ruin that was hanging over his head. Every day, the penalties and interest were mounting on an already massive debt. A debt he didn’t have the means to pay.

He Knew He Needed Help

He Knew He Needed Help

He turned to The Law Offices of Alyssa Maloof Whatley for assistance. Alyssa explained the options that John had and how he might be able to avoid further consequences from his pending tax lien.

“I was immediately impressed with how knowledgeable and professional Alyssa was. I was facing a huge tax liability and she made me feel confident in the decision to hire her.

She explained step-by-step what the process would look like. From the minute she got to work for me, I knew her professionalism and depth of knowledge were exactly what I needed.”

A Lawyer That Negotiates with The IRS For You

A Lawyer That Negotiates with The IRS For You

It wasn’t long before negotiations with the IRS got underway.

“At every turn it was obvious Alyssa was an incredibly skilled negotiator. She understood all aspects of the Offer in Compromise (OIC) and she used that knowledge to my best advantage.”

John was understandably thrilled with the initial offer from the IRS.

With Alyssa working on his side, John’s tax debt was reduced to $32,000.

Then the pandemic hit. Alyssa reached out to tell John that there might be a chance to get an ever better outcome.

As the pandemic raged on, the IRS decided to be more flexible with taxpayers — especially those who were already involved in the OIC process.

As a result, John’s tax debt was reduced again…now to just $4,700.

Atlanta Tax Attorney Alyssa Whatley

Atlanta Tax Attorney Alyssa Whatley

John’s results were impressive, but so was the experience of working with Alyssa.

“After I hired Alyssa to help me with my tax lien, she also got copies of all the correspondence I received from the IRS. She was always proactive. I never had to call her when I got an envelope in from the IRS. She was steps ahead and already contemplating the next move.

Alyssa’s communication was always right on time and her attention to detail was reassuring. I never felt lost in the shuffle. Once I hired Alyssa, I always knew exactly where I stood and what would happen next. She took all the fear out of a very scary situation.”

John said, “I don’t really want to think about what would have happened if I hadn’t had Alyssa on my side against the IRS. Her thoroughness, attentiveness, and compassion were definitely appreciated.”

“I was just out at my mailbox and spotted my Letter of Satisfaction from the IRS, so I know I’ll be getting a call from Alyssa this afternoon. She’s stayed in constant communication with me from day one!”

* Clients name changed for privacy


Alyssa Maloof Whaltey

My goal is to make the tax resolution process as easy and stress free as possible so you can get back to focusing on the things that bring you joy.


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