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Expediting Your ERC Refund from the IRS: Recourse for Taxpayers Waiting for Their Money

Did your business file for the Employee Retention Credit but have not received the refund yet? If so, you are not alone. Learn what options are available.

Surge in IRS Notices Hitting Mailboxes: What to Do if You Didn’t Pay Your Taxes

Did you receive a CP59 notice from the IRS for failing to pay your taxes? If you receive one, find an experienced IRS tax audit attorney to help you now.

What Do I Do If I Receive an Information Document Request (IDR) from the IRS?

Did you receive an IDR from the IRS? A tax attorney can interpret your IDR, ensure compliance with IRS requirements, & advocate on your behalf. Find out how.

Offer in Compromise

Tax liability reduction of $46,032.00

Offer in Compromise

$8,683.00 to Zero in full Tax Abatement

Levy Released – Case CNC

Case resolved in 9-mos—prior attorney on case 4-yrs without resolution

Employment Tax Liability Case

Taxpayer did not have to make payments to the IRS

Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

All debts and taxes discharged

Tax Audit Reconsideration

Reduced tax from $15,123.00 to $2,385.48

Audit – Notice of Deficiency

$23,0876.80 liability reduced to Zero

Correspondence Exam

Balance adjusted from $72,523.00 to $752.00

Offer in Compromise

$97,004.00 tax liability reduced to $25.00

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