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IRS Announces Withdrawal Process for Questionable ERC Claims

ERC claims can be overwhelming. You don’t want to miss out on tax credits you’re entitled to, but you may have been misled. Reach out now & get the clarity.

IRS Offers Options in Response to Employee Retention Credit Scams

Did you fall for an ERC scam or have you just received an IRS audit letter about an ERC tax credit? Learn about your options and how you can get help.

IRS Launches Paperless Processing: What Does That Mean for Taxpayers?

The IRS paperless processing initiative will give taxpayers the ability to submit all correspondence electronically. What is the impact on you and your taxes?

Correspondence Exam

Balance adjusted from $72,523.00 to $752.00

Offer in Compromise

$97,004.00 tax liability reduced to $25.00

Employment Tax Liability Case

CEO cleared in $4.3M Trust Fund Recovery Penalty Investigation

Personal Tax Liability Case

$302,800.00 tax liability reduced to Zero

State Tax Lien Reduced & Removed

$69,067.33 Reduction & Removal of GA Tax Lien

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