What to Do When You Receive an IRS Tax Lien Letter

What to Do When You Receive an IRS Tax Lien Letter

John knew the letters in his mailbox from the IRS didn’t contain good news. In fact, they notified him that there was a pending tax lien for $240,000 against his personal property and other assets.

Tips for Taxpayers Who are Victims of Identity Theft

Tips for Taxpayers Who are Victims of Identity Theft

If you think or have been a victim of identity theft and your tax filings with the IRS have been effected, here’s what to do right now.

Understanding Your IRS CP2000 Notice

Understanding Your IRS CP2000 Notice

An IRS Notice CP2000 is sent to taxpayers when there is a discrepancy between the information on their tax return and data reported to the agency. Here’s what to know about it and what to do if you receive one.

What Happens During a Tax Audit?

What Happens During a Tax Audit?

For most Atlanta taxpayers, there is no prospect more daunting than a tax audit. But what exactly is an audit, and how might one affect you?

New Deadlines For 2020 Tax Returns

Answering Questions About the New Deadlines For 2020 Tax Returns

The IRS is taking steps to reduce the strain of 2020 for tax paying Americans. Still, there are a lot of questions. Here’s what you need to know.

tax filing tips for tax the pandemic

Tax Filing Tips Amidst The Pandemic

In this video, Atlanta tax attorney Alyssa Whatley shares tax filing tips for the pandemic and your 2020 tax return.


What Is the Difference Between A Tax Lien and A Tax Levy?

If you neglect to pay your tax debt, you could find yourself on the receiving end of a letter from the IRS. The IRS has the right to collect money owed to the federal government, and state agencies can also impose liens and levies to recover unpaid tax liabilities. But what are liens and levies, and how are they different?


What Triggers A Letter from the IRS?

The Internal Revenue Service is treated as something of a boogeyman by many Americans. People speak in hushed tones about audits and garnished wages and are intimidated by the thought of speaking to an agent.

IRS Unveils New Taxpayer Relief Initiative

The IRS has introduced the Taxpayer Relief Initiative (TRI). This new set of policies aims to alleviate the cumulative financial strain the pandemic has placed on millions of families.


An Interview with Author and CPA Cathy Strobeck

Cathy Strobeck, CPA, is the owner of Atlanta area based Add-Vantage Accounting Services, Inc. and the author of Solving the Puzzle: How Small Business Owners Can Grow Their Business and Avoid Tax Trouble.


What are the IRS Repayment Options?

What happens when you owe the IRS more money than you can afford to pay by the due date?


When Fashion and Tax Law Collide

Alyssa joins the Fashion Law Network podcast to discuss the tax implications of Hollywood swag/gift bags, celebrity and influencer tax issues, and the recent Gucci tax evasion case.